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Tours in family

Barcelona Wink offers cultural routes ludified for foreigners by the Catalan capital. Traveling with children without giving up cultural or entertaining visits. From this promise three entrepreneurs launched BarcelonaWink six months ago, a service marketplace that allows foreign families to book family activities in the Catalan capital. Sylvie Estrada, co-founder of the platform, admits that the project is based on her personal experiences.

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Visit Barcelona differently with BarcelonaWink

Museums with children? Hum, that's not really an option for us. It is just the place where I know that I am more likely to keep one eye on them (most of the time, the two eyes) rather than the beauty of the places. WHAT'S THE POINT ! And then one day, Barcelona Wink purposed me to discover a new experience. Discover the city of Barcelona differently and above all, accompanied by my children! OK why not. Let's go!

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A visit to Barcelona like no other… with BarcelonaWink

We join the BarcelonaWink team in front of one of the Modernist houses of Barcelona called "La Casa de les Punxes". Equipped with small binoculars provided by the animator, we begin our visit with our children on the road of the Modernist Barcelona. The tour we have made is "The Parakeet - Puig i Cadafalch version - Casa de les Punxes"…

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Visit of Casa de Les Punxes with Barcelona Wink

A few days ago my fellow French bloggers and I were invited to the launch of the BarcelonaWink agency. The event took place on the roof terrace of the magnificent Casa de Les Punxes located at the corner of the large Diagonal avenue X the Calle Rosselló. We had a very nice late afternoon in a good-natured atmosphere: tour of the building with a guide followed by an appetizer, cava glasses and the opportunity for me also to meet or revisit super cool babes ☺

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BarcelonaWink among the 3 best responsible tourism projects

As part of the BizBarcelona event, the 'FuTurisme' award rewarded three entrepreneurial initiatives with high growth potential among participants in an innovative business creation program that takes advantage of the potential of tourism to generate economic activity in the city. Among them, BarcelonaWink. Yay!

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BarcelonaWink - StartUp / Interview

On June 1st, we met the Barcelona Wink team on the occasion of their participation in the FuTurisme, the Barcelona Activa program for entrepreneurship in the tourism sector. The project of our entrepreneurial moms? Offer fun and gaming excursions in the Catalan capital and facilitate trips to Barcelona for French families with children. BE INFLUENT is delighted to have shared this special moment with this live team and comes back to the genesis of the project.

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Discovering Barcelona with Barcelona Wink…

By the idea of offering you my city guide of Barcelona, my good restaurants addresses, shopping, my inescapable, today, and before your holiday does begin (maybe here in Barcelona?), A new concept assembled by mom-entreprepreneurs, Barcelona Wink. The idea is to propose you game-based tours thought to the smallest detail, to the discovery of Barcelona's must-sees, and super kids-friendly. Let me explain!

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Special summer #2: Discovering Barcelona in family with Barcelona Wink

A few weeks ago Isabelle of the blog Famille Barcelone invited us with several French bloggers from Barcelona to La Casa de Les Punxes to present her new project: Barcelona Wink! The concept? A platform offering something new in Barcelona, tourist tours for families visiting Barcelona with children. With a program adapted for all, without constraints, in small groups accompanied by a facilitator. Parents can discover the city serenely while the children discover it through games and activities. Everything is conceived taking into account the problems encountered by families with children when traveling.

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Barcelone with kids, A different visit

You surely went to Barcelona once or twice and if not, what are you waiting for? It is one of the most visited cities in the world and it is worth spending a few days there. If you spend your summer holidays on the Costa del Maresme, the Costa Dorada or even the Costa Brava, you must visit this city. Since the girls were born, we travel once or twice a year to Barcelona, all the excuses are good. This is why my daughters know the most typical of this city: Paseo de Gracia, Las Ramblas, Moll de Espanya, Maremagnum and Aquarium, Puerta del Ángel, beaches, Park Güell, Labyrinth of Horta, the Tibidabo ...

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Visit Barcelona in family with Barcelona Wink

All traveling parents know that making visits with children is not always easy! Even when this happens, our cherubims solicit us so much that we do not take full advantage of the places visited… It is on the basis of this problem that the Barcelona Wink project is built. Sylvie, a French citizen living in Barcelona since the age of 2 and mother of five children, Neus, a Catalan who worked in the world of education, initiated this project, which was selected by the FuTurisme program supported by the city of Barcelona.

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